jeudi 29 mars 2012

Cédric Babouche - Travel to Mama

Some designs for Cedric Babouche's project, travel to mama, a road movie project!

Yuuji Himukai - Etrian Odyssey 4

Un autre jeu "Etrian Odyssey" arrive les amis! Et qui dit nouveau Etrian dit de nouveaux travaux de yuuji Himukai!
Another Etrian Odyssey game is coming guys! New Etrian mean new Yuuji Himukai artworks :)
Yuuji website: 

mercredi 14 mars 2012

Takehito Harada : Majo to Hyakkihei

A preview of the artworks of takehito harada for the next game of nippon ichi, called : Majo to Hyakkihei (The witch's one hundred soldier ghosts?)
Une mise en bouche des artworks de takehito harada tirés du prochain jeu de Nippon Ichi, intitulé: Majo to Hyakkihei (La sorcière aux 100 soldats fantômes?)

source :

mercredi 8 février 2012

Cliché : Ribbons are cute

Viellot ou cliché, c'est un des éléments qu'on retrouve assez souvent chez les designs de jeunes personnages féminins quelque soit le domaine. Voici une série d'images conçernant ce thème.

Sometimes described as "old school" by some people, cute by others, ribbons are one the most representative  design element whatever the domain, in the female character design. Here is a serie of images concerning ribbons! (Will be updated tomorrow)

Magical Emi - Emi Magique
"J'ai une coupe courte, et paf! Le tout relevé avec un ruban j'apparais cotsumée!"

Ribon no Kishi / Princess Knight / Princesse Saphir

Kiki 's delivery service / Kiki la petite sorcière

Alice in wonderland / Alice au pays des merveilles

"Pourquoi se prendre la tête? Prends la même silhouette et ajoute un ruban."
"Why harsh ourselves? Just take the same pattern and add a ribbon on it and hop! it's a girl!. You can make the same thing for daisy, etc."

Next week : The Sephiroth syndrome.

mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Characters designers blog

Hi fellas,
It's cool to see that in spite of the fex posts of this blog, there id a LOT of views. Character design is interesting, that's why this blog will come back from the dead.

In the next posts, tou will see a more precise presentation of the designer, and maybe theme posts, like "damsel  in distress" or strawberries in charadesign, whatever!

Note : You can kill my english in your comments, i want too improve my english and in order to do that i have to exercise myself. corrections requested :)

mercredi 25 mai 2011

Kinu Nishimura - Capcom artist

elle fait partie des nombreux artistes capcom doués dont on ne connait peu de choses finalement! Mais elle a un style assez reconnaissable: