mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Characters designers blog

Hi fellas,
It's cool to see that in spite of the fex posts of this blog, there id a LOT of views. Character design is interesting, that's why this blog will come back from the dead.

In the next posts, tou will see a more precise presentation of the designer, and maybe theme posts, like "damsel  in distress" or strawberries in charadesign, whatever!

Note : You can kill my english in your comments, i want too improve my english and in order to do that i have to exercise myself. corrections requested :)

1 commentaire:

  1. Wow, I just discovered this blog yesterday and then I see this fresh update!
    I'm happy to see this blog will get more posts!
    About your English: it's really good, there are a few mistakes but overall it sounds quite natural!
    I found just three mistakes, one of them is just a typo.
    "in spite of the fex posts" --> few
    "there id a LOT of views" --> there are (because "views", the object, is plural)
    "i want too improve my english" --> I want to ("too" means "aussi", but I guess it was just another typo)

    Your English is way better than that of many native speakers. :)
    (Just in case, English isn't my mother language either, so there might be a few mistakes in my comment as well.)